Blueendless U35WF - Should i upgrade to OpenWrt

Hey, i just unpacked my BS-U35WF from Blueendless, with the single purpose of using it as a network Drive, dont care for the Router capabilities.

What my main question is, should i upgrade the firmware to OpenWRT 19.07.3 ( or not ?
What is the maximum supported drive capacity with this firmware ?
Since i have an 8TB Hard drive which the default firmware does not recognize.

Kind regards

With your 8 TB have you a jumper for sata port compatibility ?

I got it working with the NTFS Filesystem instead of EXT4, it is also handling the full 8TB.
Still wondering if it is worth it to update the firmware though, the default is pretty lackluster but works.
Has anyone had experience with this yet ? How is OpenWRT's SMB support and config ?

Can i create a Share with the OpenWRT firmware ? Will it still support the 8TB NTFS Drive ?
It's main use is as a PS2 SMB1 Game Library, would be helpfull if i could just Share a folder to an SMB1 IP Address

I guess that the official firmware does not support EXT4 filesystems, and that is why it was failing before. And the hardware obviously supports such a large drive (it should, but you never know).

OpenWrt is based on Linux, and EXT4 is "Linux's native filesystem". You should have absolutely zero throuble about this. NTFS is another beast, I would avoid it entirely.

SAMBA is also a rock solid piece of software, and can share an EXT4 filesystem perfectly. Again, I would not expect any issues here.

I do not have any experience with PS2 consoles, but I am currently sharing a pair of HDDs with several devices, and some of them just support SMB1.

That sounds pretty general though, have you perhaps had some hands-on experience with this device & OpenWRT ? Because it should natively support EXT4, but the disk did not show up until i used NTFS.
Should it not turn out ok, or if it gets bricked, i have no way back.
Thus far there is little to no support for the device itself, let alone to find the original firmware.
Just trying to make sure it will do all the things i want it to do before i go beyond the point of no return.

No, do not have any experience with that specific device. However, support for EXT4 depends on the firmware, not the hardware.

If it works for you now, and there is no support to go back to the original firmware, perhaps you should keep it as is.