Blueendless Kimax KI-300HD Support

Hello,i have this NAS and any help will be apreciated. Is there any way to support this device? The firmware that came with the device is HSY-02 ver 1.3.5. I can upload the firmware if necesary. Thanks in advance.

From what i investigated it uses MediaTek MT7620N like U25AWF. But u want to be sure that the firmware is compatible. What i really need to configure LAN DHCP server since its enabled by default and there is no option to turn it off. I need to configure to a sub Lan so i can access the NAS from the main network.

Comparing the OEM boot logs would be the absolute minimum I would want to do. Booting from an initramfs image (through its boot loader), if possible, would be my second step, long before flashing anything.

Thanks Jeff for your answer. Sorry to abuse your kindness, but could you point me to some noob guide on how to do it? It's the first time I'm ever flashing a router. Thanks.

Not a problem!

The first step would be getting serial access to the device. I don't see instructions on the git commit that added support for the U25AWF, nor did I find a wiki page for the device on I did find a post here about the U25AWF and a user getting serial access. A 3.3 V adapter is required. Some of those that say TTL may be able to be changed from 5 V to 3.3 V. Those that say RS232 are probably going to fry your router ("real" RS232 can be +/- 15 V or more).

Once you have serial access, or at least a boot log from logging in over telnet/ssh (or perhaps from the OEM web interface), if you post that here using the pre-formatted button </>, people can look it over and give you an idea if it's "close to" what the U25AWF hardware looks like.

Without serial access, if the new firmware doesn't work, it may be impossible to recover.