Blue TV and SRF Play thinks I am outside of Swiss


I route all traffic to WG provider, expect TV related devices (AppleTV, LG webOS)

This my rule

It is working, because on my AppleTV I can stream Netflix (they block all VPN endpoints).

But it is not working for blueTV and SRF Play. They think I am abroad. I don't know why, because I use local provider IP address (Netflix is working).

I not route TV traffic over WG.

What I may do wrong that Netflix is working, but not BlueTV and SRF Play?

All ideas welcome

What about DNS? On which interface do the DNS requests leave your network?

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I think over WG tunnel.
Good point

But I am not sure, this I found

How-To route DNS (only for TV devices) over local provider? Not all DNS requests

Option 6 is DHCP.

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