Blocking win 10 updates

A group of folks get together and create a temporary wired network. For example at an emergency test/drill. Laptops come from various owners owners over which there is no configuration control. We have limited internet access at the site. Some user's pc will begin a Win 10 update that will eat all the bandwidth. This is usually solved by disconnecting that pc.

Is there a way to config OpenWRT to prevent Win10 updates and even links to multimedia sites like YT?

I'm a causal user looking for suggestions. Thanks,


I would block these ports and make an A Record for these domains to go to

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By the way I've encountered an opinion that unspecified IP-address ( is more suited for domain rebind when you need to terminate the traffic.

-A, --address=/<domain>[/<domain>...]/[<ipaddr>]
An address specified as '#' translates to the NULL address of and its IPv6 equivalent of :: so --address=/ will return NULL addresses for and its subdomains. This is partly syntactic sugar for --address=/ and --address=/ but is also more efficient than including both as seperate configuration lines. Note that NULL addresses normally work in the same way as localhost, so beware that clients looking up these names are likely to end up talking to themselves.

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Using adblock (which answers with NXDOMAIN) with a custom blocklist would be my first approach.

The general push for https unfortunately makes proxies borderline useless.