Blocking websites without using an external packages

hi guys i use and old openwrt version which is 12.09 attitude adjustment because it's the most stable for my router but i want block adult content websites.
but i there's no AdBlock package on this old version.

is there any way to block websites with no pacakges ?

use an external DNS like AdGuardHome
or add the entries to the dnsmasq.conf, if it was used in 12.09.
adding them to the hosts file might work too


i tried with dns and it's working but if you set manually google dns on your phone you will bypass and get to those website i want like a permanent block

how to add hosts?

then you catch all DNS traffic not going to your DNS, and redirect them, in your firewall.
or just block everything not going to your DNS, forcing the devices to use it.

you'll have a bigger headache with DoH though.
there's also DoT, but that's easy to block in the fw.

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edit it ?

put as IP for the FQDNs you'd like to block.

pretty sure the banip package is using ipset, check if you have ipset,
then you can do the same as banip, without actually using the package.

I use DNS this :+1:

it's easy to bypass just puy in your phone and that's all

@frollic should i copy this
and past it in host file ?

append it, assuming your DNS reads the hosts file.

i'll use OpenDNS Family Shield dns

then you dont't need the hosts file, but need to make sure the clients don't bypass your DNS.

also, phones can always just switch off wifi, and you can't do anything about it.
or sign up for some free VPN.

it's a cat and mouse game, in the end, a game you'll lose.

i'm blocking those sites from myself lol , and i KNOW bypass it
i want a method that can't be bypassed from phone only if settings changed in router.
do u know how ?

too bad I just told you how :slight_smile:

not sure what this means, but you already received several suggestions ...

should i put the adule content hosts in etc/hosts or etc/dnsmasq.conf ?

you already asked this, and received an answer.

IM ASKING cuz i tried and it's blocking nothing

then you're probably facing Blocking websites without using an external packages - #5 by frollic

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should i select accept on forward ??

which rule is it ?
the top one ?
or are you adding a new one ?