Blocking and filtering


  1. How to block parked domains? As I know many of them have same IP. Is there any list of such IPs?
  2. How to block many IPs without additional packets (low memory)?

if you know the IP, tell dnsmasq to return for those IPs, using the aliases param.

if you want to reject the traffic, create an ipset with all the IPs, and a rule in the firewall.

Luci/Network/DNS and DHCP/Filter
Last in the list is the place to add IPs that are treated as non-resolvable.

Can you provide instructions?

Is there any GUI?

Is there any list?

yes, it's called LuCi.

I guess you can paste it where @brada4 said it could be done.

you're asking us for a list of sites you find annoying ?

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It seems the OP actually wants a list of all Public IPs corresponding to web servers used as temporary landing pages for newly registered domain names (i.e. parked domains).

Indeed, but they also say many DNS names point towards the same IP.

Multiple birds, one stone.

Point is, we ain't got one.


Install some browser plugin that shows sites' IP and try to add most annoying ones. Problem is less of them being parked, more of somebody taking over once trusted site like FB games and then using it for nefarious purposes.

Not belittling the OP's issue or your response. I'm just confused on how parked domains could present any problems whatsoever.

For example, how does the OP interact with these Parked Domains (basically, how are unused/new domains encountered by the OP)?

If the OP better explains why they need to block parked domains, perhaps we could suggest a better solution (e.g. a browser plugin as you mentioned to block the scripts from the parked site).