Blocked access to router

Late yesterday night when i was too tired i fiddled around in my APU2E4 router and somehow i did something to the firewall which made me not being able to access it anymore. I can't ping and i can't reach LuCi in the browser. I guess i might have blocked access to LAN.

Is it a serial -> USB cable that is my best bet or is there a better solution?

OpenWrt SSID/wlan is also off i guesss ?

I can see it but not connect to it

there is always factory reset


It's x86, pull the drive/mem card, or boot some dist from a flash drive, mount the rootfs, and edit the firewall settings.


Does not seem to work whatever i do with the button

This sounds like a nightmare to do without a serial cable

If the apu is set to boot from USB before going for the fixed storage, it shouldn't be.

Pulling the drive is easy enough tough.

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Sorry for being dumb, but how would that help me? Even if i was able to boot from the stick, how would i connect to it? Nothing seems to work. Tried to reset, failsafe, pull the disk, use USB stick.

By browing the drive.

I don't believe it was literally said/written - so to be clear - you insert/plug/connect the drive into the running machine and then navigate to /etc/config/firewall and simply edit the file.

Additionally - to be clear, you boot a 2nd LiveUSB/LiveCD running a Linux distro in order to edit the file on the OpenWrt drive/stick.

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Yes, but how would i do that without a monitor? If i could see what im doing it would be fine, but i dont. Thats why i asked if a serial cable was needed, but it would take me at least a week to get a cable like that .

Im fairly new to this so i apologize for not understanding

I'm not sure if you're getting tunnel vision, so here it is again:

This machine would [obviously] have a monitor.

I see, but then i need to find a msata to usb which doesn't seem to be the easiest thing. In that case i think the serial cable is both faster to get but also a lot cheaper.

Or msata to sata, depending on the existing hw.

For headless systems like this, you really want to have a serial cable available (I strongly recommend USB on the other side these days, as that makes it so much more flexible). Even if you'd never need it, it's still a major relief to know that it's there when/ if you need it.

USB2SATA adapters also belong into the toolbox of any IT professional or enthusiast, as they can give you quick access to a drive without opening your own (working) system.

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