Block IPs & Domains

Block IPs & Domains adblock banip

banip package for IPs, adblock package for domains.

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"Policy-Based Routing" can do it ?

sounds like routing, not banning/stopping traffic, but you can probably redirect it somewhere, where no one will answer it.

Can "traffic rules" do it?

are you randomly name dropping features, while surfing the UI ?

it can, but it's going to be cumbersome, if there's a lot of IPs ...

what's wrong with BanIP ?


BanIP uses IPSet.

if you want to skip banip, google ipset, it's a *nix feature, not openwrt specific.

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what do you want block ? ip of what ? by traffic rules is possible

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like this for example ? i block my server of game

replace ps5 by br-lan

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Is there a script for it ? you did it manually

  • Configuration file
    • /etc/config/firewall
  • Service script
    • /etc/init.d/firewall

The image provided uses the web GUI.

Is the list in ipset format (i.e only containing IPs/CIDR ranges)?

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yes you can configurate directly in /etc/config/firewall


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Theoretically, yes, practically it's far from being the best tool for this job. I'd recommend simple-adblock, it's a lightweight and fast package and it's easy to block domains and/or point it to a custom file with domains you want to block.

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