Block IP range


I need to ban connections to all russian IP as they cannot be useful and often provide SCAM or fake news on my pi4.

Can you help to block?

It depends on the content delivery method... if it is aggregated into a 3rd party news or social media feed before being served to you, the content may not be easily blocked. Similarly, if the content is coming from a world-wide content distribution network, banning Russian IPs won't solve your issue. If, however, it is truly being served directly from servers located in Russia to you, you can theoretically block them by the use of IPSets or similar. You may also be able to use DNS based techniques to 'blackhole' the DNS requests that would resolve to the sites and services that are providing the content you wish to block (this is how adblockers work).

With that in mind, you can look at IPSets:

and/or look at adguard home (or a pihole installation):

BanIP is one option to ban traffic from/to various IP addresses blocks provided by feeds. Includes a country feed you can select individual countries from.