Block IP address with time restrictions

I have the add blocker package installed and it is working as advertised.

I have created traffic rules that limit WAN access on specific days and hours for a group of IP addresses. (kids)

Is there a way to block an IP address for a specified time period while still allowing the kids to access the wan during their allotted time?

Arrange the restrictive rules for specific domains or IPs before the permissive ones for Internet access in general.

Thank you.

I am very much a novice at this. Would this be edited the the firewall traffic rules?

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Yes, that's what you need to do following one of the mentioned links.


I read the IP link and got that time restriction set up already. I will read the other. I appreciate the help. I'm trying to avoid being spoon fed and learn this. Thank you for pointing the way.


I followed the domains tutorial.

However I get an error

* Running script '/etc/firewall.ipsetdns'
   ! Skipping due to path error: No such file or directory

When I ls the /etc directory the firewall.ipsetdns does not exist.

when i attempt to run this portion of the tutorial

# Resolve race conditions for ipset-dns
cat << "EOF" > /etc/firewall.ipsetdns
/etc/init.d/ipset-dns restart

the terminal only displays


what am i doing wrong?


Press Ctrl+C and try again.
Sometimes there can be a mistake/glitch on copy-paste.
Make sure to hit Enter before and after pasting.
If this kind of issue happens often, try other terminal emulators.

I get this error after runing /etc/init.d/firewall restart

This script appears to be missing, so try to create it again.

So this appears to be working.

Is this one long string/command unput?

# Resolve race conditions for ipset-dns
cat << "EOF" > /etc/firewall.ipsetdns
/etc/init.d/ipset-dns restart
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