Block DoH and DoT dns on Android using banip

banIP already includes a blocklist for DoH (also referenced in @trendy post) ... you should start with it and not use an outdated ip list from 2020/2021.


they use other toop ipset something ... and i assume you are referring to the the list

i assume the easiest way would be hairpining which i am not able to setup correctly...

Nothing you've posted so far, actually proves it isn't working...

so i bought new phone samsung s22; and same issue as on old s10... i cant resolve these hosts... all works fine on iphone... just samsung doesnt work.

any idea? i am seriously desperate. :frowning:

someone discussed it here ... again without solution....

nothing have changed, except for your client device.

Have you disabled the 'Private DNS' setting on your phone?

@krazeh sure, nothing happened.

@frollic so i dont get it ... what do u mean?
there are other threads regarding the same issue ... i cant find any thread with a working solution ...

You also haven't posted any configuration files from what you have tried so far to help you any further.

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If you use an app like Net Analyzer what does it show the DNS server on your phone is set to?

i think thats tcpdump

It'd really help if you answered the question that was asked...

@krazeh oh my fault ... yeah i am going to install it and provide results. thanks and sorry.

in dns section it shows>
Default gw ipv6 n/a
dns server ipv6 fddc:69d5:f391::1

is it possible to Disable ipv6 dns server? I dont know why ipv6... as i use ipv4 and also device has ipv4 address and ipv6 (no clue why ipv6...)


Could you just answer the question that was asked? What DNS server IP is your phone reporting it's using?

dns server ipv6 fddc:69d5:f391::1

  • thats directly from the app u recco.

Inside that app if i go to tools section and using Query / DNS
and when i provide the ; settings Any; Dns server: (my openwrt)
it resolves the domain correctly

The problem here is apparently that phone is not using my dns server

So you're not using IPv4? Despite the various tcpdumps you've posted showing IPv4 addresses?!?

I am using IPV4 ; device has ip addres

i have no clue why DNS is set to ipv6?

So what does the app say is the 'DNS Server IP'? Ignore the IPv6 stuff.

here is a screenshot ...