Block DLNA access to a specific device during specific days/times (Kids bedtime)

Hi all, thank you to all devs here you guys have done such a great job with this project.

As title says I'm trying to do some "Parental Control" blocking to our router's DLNA server, currently I was able to properly block them from internet access on weekdays from 22:00 to 07:00 just as a guide here showed me how to. I was trying to do the same for the DLNA service with no success as below:

Network → Firewall → Traffic Rules → New forward rule*
Source zone: lan
Destination zone: lan
Destination port: 8200 (miniDLNA default port)
Kids TV MAC address
Action to be Reject
start/stop time

My setup is simple with an Archer C7 router hooked to a USB external drive and any advice is appreciated on whether this is doable or not. I thought also on blocking their tv from connecting to the router during those times which though not know if that will bring some other complications.

Thank you,

You need a new "Open ports on router" rule rather than "forward rule"
After you add the new rule with port 8200, edit the rule and change source zone "Lan", add Source address or mac, change action to reject, and add the days/time.

Thank you @trendy, I will try this when I get home, this will basically close that port for their TV during the times I set it for?

Yes, that's right.

Thank you again @trendy, it worked instantly and so easily.


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