Block ddns resolvers using iptables!IiYnCaJZ!Ay_g9Nkqq5-40QMfdkjf2ge313KWPK_OYYroTBQ5tl8
File (.txt) size is 1,50mb. I don't know how your router will perform after blocking all of this.
Sharing anyways.

Shameless bump. Is it possible to simply stop any external resolver request altogether instead of using all these iptables? Not to mention this doesn't cover custom hosts.
The idea is to completely stop any dns changing/mitm attack.
Is there a list of ports that these resolvers use so we can block em or at least a list of commonly used ports? Will keep googling and update this.

You could use an ipset. Max entries for ipset is 65536 depends on the set type.

Mmm.. Explain me like I was a 5 year old please? :stuck_out_tongue:
Or give me a link so I can read. Thanks.

Ipset what this is:

You can replace all your rules with one rule in iptables.
And then match against an ipset.
If the match (in your setup the url) is in the set.

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So, if I understood correctly, I save this file int some public server and then add one iptables rule to block everything inside that file. Is that correct?

You could save our URLs in a file on a public server and then generate withc an script an ipset wich will be called from an iptables rule.

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