Block a game server by including an IP address range:

hello, I wish as the title indicates to block certain game server which generates horrible gaming experience .. how can I perform this task with my openwrt router .. I have tested this method according to photo below, however this does not not work according to wireshark analysis.

Source zone --> LAN
Source address: None (any)
Destination address:
Save and make sure it's the last rule
And by that you're not blocking "a game server" rather a complete netblock which is probably not what you want

This works because it prevents your LAN from talking to the associated net block.

The reason you can't do it the other way is that the firewall already allows the return traffic in an earlier rule before your custom rule.

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thank you 2 ..., I will modify and check .. yes I want to block all server ip starting with ... my game experience is bad .. 12 ms of Ping for 29 hops in Italy in milan at 300 kms, ... I feel a delay of 2000 ms .. while for Netherlands server I have 9 jumps and 24 ms and my gameplay is clearly playable ... unfortunately according to the netcode of the game it puts me very rarely on this server ...

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hello everyone

like that ?

Capture d’écran 2021-05-24 à 19.26.22

that looks right.

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thanks i'm use banip now

you think is right is appair in list of server ban i hope

Capture d’écran 2021-05-25 à 00.38.48

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