Blink Mini Camera stopped working after OpenWrt installation

Hello all - first post

I installed OpenWRT on a Edgemax router (Eero in bridge mode) that I was not using and so far everything is working fine except my Amazon Blink mini cameras - they stopped working once OpenWRT was installed. They will not connect back to the Blink servers. I checked the logs and nothing was showing that helped me.I can see the Blink cameras obtaining a DHCP address but thats it...the cameras blink red indicating no internet access.

For a test, I tried resyncing them using my old Asus router (with eero in bridge mode) and it worked as it should. All other devices have no issues except these 3 Blink mini cameras.

Can anyone help point me in the right direction to correct this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Change the SSID and pass of the Asus to the same as for your malfunctioning wifi.
Disable the current wifi, so the devices must connect using the Asus, does it still work ?

Yes...they (Blink) works fine with the Asus - different SSID as a test also works.

Just so I understand it.

You have an Edgemax unit, it's connected to some Eero devices.

The cameras connect to the Eeros, but won't work.

If you replace the Eeros with an Asus unit, it works ?
or is that's if you replace the Edgemax with the Asus ?

Here's the breakdown...

Edgemax running OpenWRT using Eero in bridge mode as AP = Blink not working

Asus (running Tomato) using eero in bridge mode as AP = Blink working

EdgeMax running default vendor firmware before loading with OpenWRT with eero in bridge mode as AP = Blink working


Try to switch to off the Eeros, use the ASUS (connected to the Edgemax) as the source of wifi, using the same SSID and password as in the Eeros.