Blank screen after login/authentication

I got a WRT54gl Linksys router from EBay and set it up to check it out. The system I testing with, got an address of a little checking found that the router had an address of (which I thought was strange) logging into the router with the gives a user name/password screen using admin-admin got me to a blank screen the tab on the browser shows . The banner on bar on the browser reads: OpenWrt | OpenWrt Backfire 10.03.1 load 0.08 0.02 001.
Can anyone tell me what is going on??

Really ancient version from year 2010. Possibly incompatible with the current browsers. You may need to use an old browser or some compatibility mode.

Admin/admin sounds strange. Username should normally be root.
Verify connectivity with SSH or telnet console.
Check /etc/passed for configured usernames.

You've got a great antique there.

The WRT54GL devices haven't been able to be supported for years -- that firmware is nearly a decade old.

For all practical purposes, the WRT54G series is unable to anything remotely current or secure, and don't have wireless chips that support current standards (and can drag down the performance of your entire network, as a result). With only 4 MB of flash, there is barely enough room to store the OS. With only 16 MB of RAM, doing much more than booting a kernel is not really possible.

Good and excellent, current devices with at least 16 MB of flash and at least 128 MB of RAM start at around US$20. The field of excellent devices opens up even more around US$40.


Why did you buy this specific device, and how much did you pay?

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Because I have had good luck with these routers. I paid $14 for it.

Do you mean /etc/passwd?

Yes. Annoying autocorrect

Do you have any idea what the password would be for root?

OpenWrt default is empty password for root.

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If the seller has not provided password info for you, he has mostly sold you a brick.

Easiest for you might be to use the failsafe mode and reset the root password and other settings there.


I was able to load a different firmware in to the router. A version of Tomato which will give me IPv6 functionality.

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