Blacklisting a kernel module

What is the correct way to blacklist a kernel driver in LEDE?

Should I simply remove the relevant file from /etc/modules.d/ ?

Can I create a file /etc/modules.d/blacklist and add entries to this?

OK...I had to do some research...

  • Which module do you want to blacklist?
  • Why is it causing you a problem?
  • Why can't you just uninstall it (dependencies)?

Most modules that are installed by default...are needed. it WiFi???

Hi, thanks for investigating this.

It's the usb-kmod-sierra and usb-kmod-sierrawireless drivers. They are interfering with the qmi-wwan driver, but I cannot uninstall, or exclude them during compilation because they are required by a package I am using (modemmanager).


So...I gather that, you use modemmanager for some purpose other than connecting a Sierra Wireless (or Qualcomm) celluar modem to the LEDE???

Also, how did you determine that: