BlackArmor NAS220


I have Seagate BlackArmor NAS220 which would not work via ethernet. After connecting ethernet cable to switch it close all other connections. When connected directly to laptop it swtich off wi-fi connection (it turn down wi-fi card almost as airplane hardware button) and show undefined ethernet conenction.

However i would like to try with OpenWrt firmware, as lot of people write that after latest factory update there are connections problem wia USB and ethernet.

i have RT809H programmer, so i can flash Samsung NAND memory directly via TSOP adapter.
Here is a question:
All that i need to do is to flash this file into cleaned/erased memory:and it should work after resoldering flash onto PCB?

Sorry for noob question, but i work only with SPI memory so far.

try;a=commit;h=6ffe8a473eedf6f4f472bb5e64a1e1775917f3c8 1st ?

for additional details read

I dont have serial or JTAG programming possibilities (so far).

Closest description for direct memory programming is:

- nand erase.part ubi
- tftpboot 0x2000000 seagate_blackarmor-nas220-squashfs-factory.bin
- nand write 0x2000000 ubi ${filesize}
- reset

Just dont known if this upload just ubi part or whole .bin file?