Black Type for old people (by simple means)?

I have used DD-wrt since earliest "Brainslayer", converting to OpenWrt now for multitude of reasons (get a little more life from older routers, be able to ssh in, use uci show and uci set, etc, avoid dd-wrt issues / things that don't' work that have become too necessary to avoid... etc.)
OpenWrt easy to install, works great, having the LuCI web interface is great, self documenting -- everything is wonderful, kudos, thanks, blessings.... with one exception: the "gray" color of the typeface (and, to some extent some of the text in small fonts) on various LuCI pages.
Yuh, supposedly I could change the "style" Pick up one of the other styles that have been created. . BUT a) I'm not interested in any funny graphics, fancy colors, or weirdness - I'm just trying to have easily readable pages quickly on less good monitors, or smaller browser windows, and b) the description of a possibly importable style doesn't tell the reader that it has black type (or white on black, etc and 9 pt fonts, etc.), and, as far as i know, there is no site with "example" images, etc.
Is there a simple way to get a more readily readable style sheet in the LuCI default presentation? Don't need the NY Times large type weekly. The normal NY Times web page works, but the "reduced contrast" from the gray at small sizes... is a bit tough