Bittorrent client help

try adding transmission/ to the URL.

also, make sure transmission isn't already running.
if you play with the config, but it's already running, they won't bite until you actually restart it.

if that doesn't help, I'm out of ideas :frowning:

It didn't work, however thanks

I made that post. I'm pretty sure it was due to the transition to wolfssl. I waited until the next full release of openwrt a couple of months later then recompiled and transmission started working again like it had been. I'm not sure how to mark that one as resolved now.

My most common reasons transmission will stop working now is if i didn't add my user properly into /etc/passwd, I didn't set the correct user in my transmission config file, or permissions on my download folder got reset after a reinstall or a new HDD upgrade.


Thanks @kufkis. I gave up to be honest for now as I spent 20+ hours on re-installing. In fact I tried without user access. After some months, probably will try again. I will mark this topic as solved, so the people can see your topic as well.
Thanks again.
Kind regards

OK, please, try to install libmbedtls package.

Haha @ulmwind I just given up, but your post is making me rethink my decision :wink:
I will try give it a last chance/ try starting from scratch. I am away from my router for 7 days, but I will report back the findings. Thanks!
PS: Probably it is good to mention why am I doing it. I have an ISP connection of 100 megabits and the following architecture:

  1. AP: Netgear R6800 running Openwrt taking care of the adblock and SQM. Wifi enabled.
  2. Wired Dumb AP: Xiaomi MIR3 running padavan. Used for Samba and transmission. No Wifi. Samba and transmission works out of the box.
  3. Wired Dumb AP: Xiaomi MIR3G running Openwrt used just for WiFi.
    My aim is to upgrade my internet speed to 300+ megabits and take advantage of the gigabit connections of R6800 and MIR3G.
    I want to remove the padavan device as it is only 100 megabit and it just consume power and at the same time MIR3G is not used at all.Moreover R6800 and MIR3g have an USB3 port and MIR3 only USB2.
    However upgrading to more than 100 megabits connection, doesn't make sense without gigabit connection between the routers, USB3 and working SMB and transmission. Rtorrent seems to be very very last option.
    Kind regards

Same story - it gives a crash error message. I started from scratch, got USB up and running, than Samba4, and again transmission crashes.
I am leaving it for now :frowning: . Will test if after next major release or will downgrade from 20.02.0 to 19.x.x. after I get higher internet speed.
My wife looks at me very violent now, after spending so much time on fixing this, so it is time to give up - really hate that.
Thanks for your help.
Kind regards

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