Bitman AntRouter R1-LTC no "relayd" package

Hay all,

Thanks for taking the time to look over my post. This is not my 1st time here. But it is my 1st time here for a very long time. (new account to).

Any how here is the problem I have.....

I have a antminer R1-LTC. This is a small router that has OpenWRT and a asic chip that mines LTC.
The router offers simple WiFi and 1 Wan/Lan port.

I got 2 of them because I need some Lan ports at the other sides of my home. The routers when mining are only pulling 3.4 Watts so its a nice power use for something that I just want to get the wifi and use as a dumb AP for 1 Lan device.

However it seems that the openwrt that is on it has no "relayd" installed on it so I cant get it set up in the way I would like.

Getting pack list gives a error. I guess at some point the dirs have changed.

src/gz barrier_breaker
dest root /
dest ram /tmp
lists_dir ext /var/opkg-lists
option overlay_root /overlay

Giving this error

Downloading H**PRemovedForPost://
wget: server returned error: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
Collected errors:

I know I need to change the path to the snapshot that is on the router. However I dont want to brick it. So I come asking for some help so I can get the right path and add the correct package so I can set up the router as a relay client taking the wifi and passing it to the Lan.

Thankyou for any help you can give.



Which, in this case means, "that the OEM's firmware is based on an ancient version (barrier_breaker in your post, from 2014) of OpenWrt", not that it has OpenWrt itself.

Unless on OpenWrt from current OpenWrt sources themselves, you will likely need to use whatever repositories the OEM (or individual that built the software) provides, if any. Changing the URL may or may not allow those ancient, unmaintained packages to be loaded. The might be manually loaded to the router and installed, but that may result in all kinds of problems. It is not possible to manually load the package if any kernel modules are needed.

It may be possible to port the device to current OpenWrt, as it is not listed as supported, that I could find. Obtaining the GPL corresponding source from the vendor, or detailed hardware information generally required to do so.

yeah I know it has a very old openwrt on it.
I have looked down the repos but I dont know the one I should be using in order to add the package.

I have read it can be done.... and I have messaged the guy who is said to have done it. But yet to get any reply to this.

So I was in hopes someone with some EXP in the old repos could help me out abit.

There is a AntRouter that mines BTC listed here

Hardware is the same all but the asic chip and nodoubt the cgminer package has the algoritham setting diff in the settings.

Meaning the mining ASIC, or the SoC that drives the unit?

It looks like there are three "antrouter" devices. One might be close enough to your device to be able to flash OpenWrt.

Without the OEM's special code for running "mining" operations, it is unlikely that it could be used for that function running official OpenWrt.

The miner is a package in openwrt cgminer. The asic chip looks to be a addon to the router.

There are 2 types of ant router. R1 and R3. The R1 has chips for sha256 and scrypt and the R3 have chips for 3 types of algorithem.[Name_pkg-dependencies*~]=cgminer -- returns no results, so perhaps an OEM package.

Yeah maybe... But still it will be easyer to find a relayd package than the cgminer (think some of that is on github too)

Or put your "miner" behind a meaningful firewall on a new device that is supported.

"Barrier Breaker" has known, significant security issues in the kernel, application software, and even protocols that were in use at the time. It is neither supported nor supportable.

Just changed the software config to

src/gz barrier_breaker
dest root /
dest ram /tmp
lists_dir ext /var/opkg-lists
option overlay_root /overlay

Installed the relayd from there with no problems as of yet. BUT still have to reboot and see if it boots or bricks haha.
Will report back.

Ok so installing


Gives things needed but I can not seem to get it set to send wwan to lan as a dumb AP

Found a working tut on how to do this here....

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