Bind Dropbear to multiple interfaces


is it possible to bind Dropbear to multiple interfaces?

Currently it only allows either one or all of them:



I want it to listen on LAN and Wireguard. Is it possible?


keep default unspecified or add another instance of dropbear with the interface of choice

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Would it be possible to manage the secondary's instance settings over LuCI web ui?

You should have Add instance button in Luci.
But please keep in mind that your WAN is not reachable from outside, so you can keep using the default configuaration.


Oh, yes, didn't notice that button. Thanks!

So, when I select "Unspecified", which should mean "all interfaces", actually means "all interfaces except wan"?

all means literally all, however since your WAN is not reachable from outside by default, no packet will hit dropbear from that side

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Thanks! I will go with "Unspecified" then

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