"Bind" client to specific SSID vs "band steering"

Your rationale is illogical.

You would only maintain two SSIDs, as I mentioned above (i.e. OpenWrt & OpenWrt 5G), passwords can be the same.

Why would you believe you need to maintain two different network connections on all clients?

  • 2.4GHz only clients would be configured to only connect to the 2.4GHz network, whereas the 5GHz AC clients would be configured to only connect to the 5GHz network.
    • If one isn't going to make use of a client's 5GHz radio, why even bother buying a router with AC wireless?


If you consider typing an additional three characters as not easy, more effort, less economical, and lacking elegance, I'd encourage you to research why it is there should a separate SSID for the 5GHz radio.

  • It's your router, so if you'd like an inefficient setup that results in massive throttling of the throughput of devices on LAN, then by all means =]

Yes, it seems to be illogical for you.
Since this is not bringing any added value for the "community" it is ok for me to close the topic, especially since the initial question of the thread is answered.

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