Big area with wifi and hotspot

Hi there
In first thank for every one work hard to give the other lede project thank you
My name mustafa from iraq and I have large area with wifi we have over 200ap and over 2500 user active with it to this time I use unifi system but thers some problem with it when I test the lede with picostation m2 hp for testing Its very nice work so I decided to start work with it but I have some Q if it posible can we use hotspot system with lede and work with big number of users and can I use same vochers card for all my ap or use radius and add it for all ap with lede thank I need your help thank you very much

You can. There is the coova-chilli package for hotspot system. Or you can use direct 802.1X.

Either of these of course requires an external authentication server. Since the routers just pass through authentication requests, the same voucher system enforced by the server will be in effect.

Using 802.1X requires replacing the default "wpad-mini" package with the full version "wpad".

Oh thats good thank you but if I use covachilli package thats should install it in all my ap ? But how can I make vouchers is theres any server I test pfsense its have nice option for hotspot whats your suggestion and can you give me some feedback for this tgank you its if I install radiusdesk in cloud platform like aws is it possible to use it with lede or any other radius