Bicking linksys EA4500

Stop it.
If you knew and did not guess so much you would not have been in the forum today.

okey I don't know what I've said to upset you but I'm sorry. But we both know that devs are the firs to not recognize any of their mistake in the code or their lack of clear documentation. many many information sources outside to be working in the field as I am and probably you are, can prove that like the podcast about the hiring of the UX officer being the n+1 of the dev team and not the other way around.
And there is nothing in the linksys manual. Never has been. I don't know in which version you had like real great technical data on your product but that never happened on my watch and that's why initiative like Louis rossmans group, the blog of this engineer in the marines complaining about humvee technical data, etc does exist.
So for 2 completely different OS I would never recommend the to read the manual to cross reference with the other one, that's just a fact. and the page of this specific product on openwrt is fat than not clear as it's the ip noted for the server on the tftp page which is in the middle of the whole page (should it not be like in the first few lines? )
What I can take into consideration is the Led flashing behaviour for example because that does mean something.

so until proven otherwise, common sense should prevail. And I would go even further, something well built should not get a user manual to be able to work with.

So I think even if we do not agree on how we see lall this, we can treat ourselves with respect... So don't patronize me too much . thank you :wink:

@LilRedDog and @bubonic-plague -- let's please just keep the conversation focused on resolving the issue at hand -- a failed upgrade and now revived device, now moving to upgrade it to the latest. Let's stay on topic, please.


1/ I don't see where I did step on him . So maybe we have aa difference in terms of culture.
2/ I only asked question when there was a lack of information. never doubt his indications.

So again you can point it to me in an intelligible way in place of starting an argument out of nothing. And preferably in private since we don't wan tto flood uselessly the threads.

@psherman Sorry to butt in but I am also using the EA4500 with OpenWRT and would not like to brick the device. You wrote: "You can upgrading again -- there don't seem to be any specific issues in doing so. However, it is critical that you do not keep settings across the upgrade. "

Can you please explain what you mean with that it is critical not to keep settings? When and why should we not keep the settings during an upgrade?

the following upgrade did go smoothly besides the image differential warning.
thanks @psherman

Great. Glad it worked out!

The configuration files are not considered compatible when upgrading across more than one major release due to the accumulated changes and the lack of guaranteed parsing/fixing of syntax changes for the config files from > n-1 version to to the newer version. Further, for some changes between versions may include very significant differences that mean the device must be reconfigured from scratch, even if only upgrading from one version back. For example, devices that are going through swconfig > DSA transitions require this. If you attempt to keep settings, you will soft brick the device.

When upgrading from one version back, always read the release notes regarding configuration compatibility. When upgrading from multiple versions back, it is best to assume that you will not be able to safely keep your config files. In most cases, people can reconfigure within a few minutes, especially if the current running config is relatively close to the default configs.


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