Better way to report data from a wireless scan?

If one goes to Network>Wireless>Scan, the resulting page shows all other transmitters in the area, their power, channel, etc. I'm wondering if there is a better way to report the output that would help inform what is the best channel to set to minimize other traffic?

In other words, the table output doesn't seem to be sortable. Is there a better way?

WireShark for PCs is probably the best tool for that job... I'm not sure if there's a package for the router itself that will do the same... there's CloudShark [cshark], however that's for packet capturing for analysis.

A general rule of thumb for a 5gHz network is to have the channel in the upper 150s [157 in the US], while the 2.4gHz network on the least congested channel, although many of the 2 - 5 & 7 - 10 channels will result in sub-optimal speeds.

If you are a WIndows user, I would recommend Wi-Fi Scanner from Lizard Systems (free, but requires email registration)...

Thanks for the replies, all. I wanted to do something using the native LuCi tool. I will look into parsing the html into a formal data table and analyze that (ie shell script).