Better way to manage multiple devices

Hi guys,

Today, i manage a thousand of devices. each device grab a json conf from a server and some python scripts configure it.

the problem is, every router aren't the same. we have tp link, linksys, ubiquiti, supermicro x86 server. each device have different configuration and my script have to switch the conf for each device type and grow up with the time.

what is the best way you think to manage all that devices.

ansible can work with lede / openwrt ?
openWISP 2 are interesting.?
Create a new app in cloud to manage all that devices ?
continue to configure devices with python + json config ?
does the community need a tool to manage all of that ?

what is your feedback about that ?

does anyone manage multiple devices like that ?


The thing to remember is that these are linux systems (with the configs in an
odd place), so look at all the automation systems avaiable for managing servers
and you have a ton of tools to choose between.

While datacenters would love to have everything the same, the reality is that
they end up with all sorts of different models of servers, so this sort of
problem is handled pretty well.