Best wireless mesh setup with OpenWrt?

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I'm struggling to get a concrete proof on whether I will be able to create a OpenWrt solution that will work for me.

I would like to setup a wireless mesh network with the following requirements:

  • The network needs to be entirely cable-less (not even an internet connection required).
  • The connected devices will be able to stream an uninterrupted live video feed locally to each other with minimal latency and downtime when switching nodes (so... needs 802.11r?)
  • The network should be 'in charge' of which AP the devices are connected to, I can't trust the devices to switch to the best AP efficiently.

Does OpenWrt support this kind of mesh network setup without hard-wiring the routers/ap together?
Is a mesh network the best kind of solution for the job or should I be approaching this differently? The devices are roaming too far for a single strong WiFi router.

If this is the best approach, what are the router hardware requirements (besides OpenWrt support) which I will need to get this working?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Your setup is do-able. It is not the default so expect spending some time tweaking.

Couple issues that will apply to any network:

  1. wireless connections come with compromises. Wired connections are always more consistent. If you can do a wired backbone, do a wired backbone.
  2. Clients always determine roaming (unless you have aggressive settings to actively kick them). You’ll have a big fight with your clients if you are very insistent on them never misbehaving. Most clients follow predictable patterns that you can encourage the best result (transmit power adjustments, AP positioning, and r/v/k).

Thank you for your input.

In regards to:

  1. I fully understand wired > wireless but unfortunately wireless is the only option in my predicament, the routers will be powered by battery banks so there really will be literally no cables what-so-ever.
  2. I also spent some time researching roaming since posting and understand that ultimately its always down to the client to decide what they connect to.

In the past I have used proprietary mesh networks which forces the client to re-connect to a new node when the signal gets too weak. Do you know if this is possible to replicate with OpenWrt (or offsets like LibreMesh)?