Best Wireless AC router for LEDE?

Not joking...

First, he mentioned push button. This article doesn't contradict that at all.

Second, pin method usually permanently fails after 5 tries. Have you tried reaver or bully on such an access point?

The point you're missing is that WPS needs to be enabled for push to connect to work.

This makes the router easily hackable...

Back on topic.

Try hacking it and tell me how it goes.

On topic: I still like the Archer C7. Best range I've had out of any router. Needs ath10k-ct to work properly though...

I use an Archer C7 v2, but unfortunately, v4's are still on snapshots.

It goes just like the article says, within a few hours of observing a WPS exchange you can extract the pre shared key and have total access to the network. Do not use WPS.

That's only possible with a broken implementation that doesn't lock itself after several attempts. Most manufacturers have already fixed this.

There are also entirely offline attacks on a subset of implementations. Who knows what attacks will eventually be found. The main thing is that WPS was clearly NOT designed by anyone with any kind of real security skills. In push button mode it basically just tells the passphrase to anyone who asks for it.

can you give some examples for better devices? looks like Archer C7 is the golden one and failed to find a better alternative

I would look at

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I went from an Archer C7 to a Dir-860l and I am loving it. Does gigabit NATed speed when not using pppoe. I like the mt7621 devices personally.

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Unfortunately, they are not easy to come by with the right HW version. At least I could not find a way to get a specific hw revision.

Check out Carambola Jalapeno DVK board, it is an awesome board for running OpenWrt.

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Does it require their OpenWRT version or it can run the plain vanilla build? I do not see them selling cases or antennaes for the board...

Its fully supported in vanilla OpenWrt.
They dont sell cases,there are ceramic onboard antennas but you can simply connect any uFL antennas

Including hardware NAT and a crypto engine?

Everything that works in their version of OpenWrt works in vanilla too.

Nice. Do both Jalapino and Jalapino DVK use the same image? There is only one on the openwrt hw page.

Yes,DVK is simply a dev kit.

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Compex WPQ865
IPQ8065 1.7GHz CPU Embedded Board with 802.11ac Wave 2 Support

Qualcomm Atheros IPQ8065 ARM Dual Core CPU
1GB DDR3 System Memory
5x Gigabit LAN RJ45 with Auto MDI-X
3x MiniPCIe Slots with 802.11ac Wave 2 Support
1x USB 3.0 Port
2x SIM Card Slot
Integrated 48-57V IEEE 802.3af/at Power Over Ethernet (POE)

just add 1 or 2 MiniPCIe wifi module: