Best way to upgrade a N6000 N5105 from a remote location


I am considering my next upgrade from an Orange Pi R1 Plus to a N6000 N5105.

I will be keeping the Orange Pi R1 Plus for redundancy.

Summary of my setup:

  • CAT6 outlets (6) throughout my home.

  • All CAT6 runs terminates in my basement.

  • 2.5Gbps switch


The fan is there to rotate airflow.

My plan is buying the barebones N6000 N5105, and likely ordering NVMe storage, and DDR5 separate. I'll likely be placing the N6000 N5105 at the edge the desk, near the wall, and running CAT6 under the desk to the modem, and another CAT6 to the 2.5Gbps switch mounted at the top of the enclosure.

I created this script to auto build images using image builder. It generates these images:


I won't be able to easily pull the NVMe to write the upgradeimage. I don't want to take the cover and pull the NVMe out each time to write an updated image, and it'll be in the basement.

Would I be able to simply scp openwrt-x86-64-generic-ext4-rootfs.img
from my desktop to the N6000 N5105 after building the image, and using sysupgrade or dd to upgrade to the new image?

why are you using snapshots ?

I have a small openwrt recovery partition I can boot into (just change the grub default boot param), then dd a new rootfs image from there.
it also lets me resize the fs afterwards, so I can use the standard rootfs image.

Using snapshot for the latest kernel.

I know what it'll give you, but why ?

What's the difference? Snapshot has nothing to do with my question.

Snapshot means not a stable release, and you want unattended auto update? It could sudden stop working after that update (indeed I hit similar issues twice before), and it's just like a bomb there and you don't know when it exploded.


OP wants snapshots.

For $16, I'd go for the N100 instead of the N5105. Lower wall power, significantly more CPU power...

I use x86 snapshot all the time and don't see any unexpected failures. Did you determine the root cause of your issues?


It can be system, or it can be the software package breaking, root cause analysis is a non-sense when your remote system breaks and you can no rescue it immediately. Maybe you are lucky, but for me, even on famous Raspberry Pi system some software packages break occasionally. X86 might have less chance but who knows?

then there's the issue of kmod dependencies ...

For an image generated by the OP, seems less than likely.

Why would you? OpenWrt on x86_64 supports normal sysupgrade procedures.

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