Best way to set up network

I am looking for the best way to setup my network but don’t know where to start. I just keep watching endless YouTube tutorials and reading forums but I haven’t found one that suit my needs. I just installed openwrt on two routers (Archer C7 V5 & Belkin RT 3200) but I have not used them yet.

I am currently using a deco x20 mesh as my router. I would like to have 3 or 4 different networks. 1 main, 1 guest, 1 work, and 1 for IoT. I guess that work and IoT could be combined. And I have gigabit internet.

I would like to setup a firewall, adguard home or nextDNS, separate ssid’s or VLAN’s for each network, and maybe a vpn for IoT/work account.

Will the Belkin be capable of being the main router for that? What would be the best way to setup this network for an apartment?

Is there any problem with your current deco x20 deployment you are trying to solve?

How many floors? What is size in square feet?

I suggest since you have a working network with deco x20 that you just experiment with the OpenWrt devices.

If you watched YouTube videos, you probably saw marconefifty content. It seems pretty good. He has one on creating VLANS with and IOT one. Set it up just like he does and then try to expand it to meet your requirements.

With two devices you could do the main router and dumb AP or cascaded routers.

Specific questions seem to get more of a response than a general one.

So, if you make a diagram of your plan and let people comment on it. Or, do a basic setup, share it and ask how to add adguard.