Best way to roaming (802.11r)


I have 3 APs, all in the same subnet and same SSID:
Main Router - Xiaomi MiWiFi Mini - OpenWrt 19.07.2
Dumb AP - TP-Link Archer C50 - OpenWrt 19.07.2
Dumb AP - TP-Link TL-WR741N/ND v4 - OpenWrt 18.06.8

I want to make roaming better between these APs. The 2 firsts, comes with wpad-basic
and the last (and worst AP) wpad-mini. I need 2 APs to cover my house. So, the worst one can be removed if it's better.

I realize that there are some packages:
wpad-basic * (not in the worts AP)

Wich one should i use? Should i change the wpad-basic? If so, when insalling another one, should i uninstall this one? By the way, when i update a package, should i check the "Overwrite files from other package(s)" or leave unchecked?

Do i just install or is there configurations to be done? Just check the "802.11r Fast Transition" on wireless network?

Thank's for the help.

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