Best way to change the default lan network IP addr from to something else

I have a RE450 Dual Band Repeater that I use to spread the WiFi signal throughout my house.

However, the original router that I am receiving internet from is accessible at so I want to change the default LAN IP for the repeater to to avoid any conflict.

Can I just ssh into /etc/config/ and change the ipaddr in the network file to, save and reboot to successfully perform this? Will I be able to access the repeater at without getting locked out?

This seems obvious but just wanted to make sure. I don't want to get locked out of my router and then have to do a failsafe boot.

That should work, as would changing it in LuCI (which recently added an automated "revert-on-oops" feature).

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Thanks for the reply!

I found a post by @cybrnook and he mentioned that you could do:

To change default ip, modify
in the file /etc/config/network to:

option ipaddr (or whatever ip you want)

Next, commit the settings by running

/etc/init.d/network restart

I guess this will work without even having to reboot the router?

The above worked beautifully!


As great as the auto-revert facility is for anything else, it is actually a bit of a problem when changing the LAN IP. As far as I can tell, LuCI does not recognize that its own IP changed and has the user wait on the old IP. And even if you know you need to manually re-open LuCI at the new IP, if you changed the IP to a different subnet you need to be quick to get a new DHCP lease. 30 seconds is precious little time to do all of that before auto-revert kicks in and reverts LAN to the old IP.

I've personally guided people through the command line because the auto-revert only led to frustration when they tried to change the LAN IP. At the moment, I am actually inclined to advise to go through the console and edit the LAN IP in the nework config file.