Best vpn for netgear router

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You can connect to virtually any OpenVPN or WireGuard server “trivially” with any OpenWrt router (assuming it’s not under-resourced). Other protocols are also available.

If you’re concerned about privacy or security, some shady reseller of bandwidth is a poor choice, as is pretty much any endpoint you don’t manage yourself. Suitable VPS instances can be had for US$5 per month or less.

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Thank you, I understand

I don't like this phrase at all, but "citation needed" - and your quote sounds a lot like the marketing blurb of a VPN provider.

You either trust your ISP - or you don't. The same goes with a commercial VPN provider, you just replace one ISP with another, whom you'd have to trust to the very same extent[0]. In general your local ISP is bound by law to at least similar data protection laws as a VPN provider would be[1], so for 'normal[2]' usage a VPN provider should be rather unnecessary.

Obviously there are cases where you don't want to trust your 'ISP', e.g. while using an open WLAN offered by some random entity (where both the hotspot provider and other users nearby could sniff your traffic), but these particular cases could be just as well covered by a roadwarrior VPN setup into your home network - you don't need a commercial VPN provider for this (albeit it might be more convenient for you to setup and (not-) maintain).

With the push for https-everywhere, led by letsencrypt and all major browser vendors, both the target and content of (at least most of-) your transmissions over the internet is generally encrypted these days, even with a commercial VPN inbetween this remains important, rendering the addional transport layer 'envelope' rather optional.

The only cases where a commercial VPN provider might be useful, would be the cases where you do want to work around geolocation issues (e.g. media content locked to a particular country you're currently not residing in) or semi-legal activities[3], where you want to escape from your local jurisdiction by using the services of VPN provider located in another one, not bound to court orders of your country. Giving general advice for these isn't really possible, as it always depends on the actual situation for which these might be considered needed[4].

Personally, I've been on the internet since the early 90s and do consider myself to be a quite seasoned user, but I have not subscribed to any commercial VPN service so far. Why would I?
I do offer[5] incoming VPN (roadwarrior) services[6] on my home network for many years though, both to access my own network/ files from the road - and to provide myself with a trusted gateway to the internet (my local ISP) while I'm using random (untrusted) WLAN hotspots which might be bugged. Using a commercial VPN provider wouldn't offer the former - and for the later my local ISP (and my connection speed at home) are good enough, not to pay yet another third party with their own interests.

[0] quite a lot of big VPN providers are happy to cooperate with law enforcement, others may be looking for a second income by selling your data to the highest bidder, so having a commercial VPN contract per se doesn't add to your privacy, nor your security.
[1] obviously this differs between jurisdictions.
[2] read for "not blatantly- and offensively illegal" uses.
[3] this could be avoiding oppressive means like countries with deep packet inspection and wide ranging blocking procedures, down to a preference of using p2p services for (re-)publishing copyright protected content.
[4] is the VPN provider blacklisted by the commercial regional media content publishers, is it "p2p friendly", is it cooperating with law enforcement - what are the jurisdictions involved (your- and their side), etc.
[5] only for my very own uses, of course.
[6] so far mostly IPsec/ IKEv2

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Than you @jeff for that information about NordVPN.

Glad i did not jump on that train!