Best used/cheap 802.3af (PoE not PoE+) AP options?

Any suggestions on the best low-end used systems for people lucky enough to come by a 802.3af PoE switch? Price is definitely a huge factor as we're talking several APs.

That would be any AP/router with either 802.3af onboard or something <= 12V 1.0A power profile for use with a .3af converter. We definitely want to be able to remotely power cycle, so passive PoE is not an option. Given the converters are about $8 that's how much having the PoE onboard is worth.

We'd like to get 5GHZ, but would be happy with 11n. Unfortunately everything I can find so far in this space has a 7610E for the 5GHz radios, and the RA-LINK soft AP isn't going to cut it for AAA purposes and general hassle of using wext.

Well, there's a few D-Link DAP-2590s to be had out ther but only rumor of successful WRT/LEDE installs on it.

APs will be pretty thin bridgers, can probably get by on 8M flash.

I created for an overview of PoE capable and LEDE supported devices.

Thanks, great to have that filter easily available... bookmarked.

Though it seems I've been through near every device in the ToH at this point... the ones that woulld fit my other parameters aren't for sale most anywhere anymore. Was hoping someone knew of an oddball that had escaped update in the ToH so far.

(Really wishing rt/mt would release whatever is needed for a clean modern OSS 7610E driver.)