Best usb wifi for pi2b

Made the mistake of getting a realtek device...

I want to use the pi2b to run a network for my homeassistant pi offline to control my switches and sensors. I need wifi for this to work... thanks

There is no "best" WiFi, period. Also, the Pi 2 only has USB2.0 - ports, so you're limited by those anyway. You also did not say, whether you're looking for 2.4GHz or 5GHz WiFi.

All that said, most USB WiFi-sticks should work, so just get one with an external antenna for better signal quality. I have several MT76-based 802.11n sticks and one Ralink RT3572-based 802.11n/802.11ac stick, all of which work fine under Linux.

I need 2.4 ghz. Got the tplink ac600 and no luck with it. After searching seems like many dont.

Many USB wifi sticks do not support AP mode. Even if they do, most of them are limited in their performance (1x1 radios, small antennas, etc.).

The best wifi for a Pi2b is not going to be found in a USB device. It will be a dedicated wifi AP or all-in-one router configured as a dumb AP.


Thanks for the heads up. I found a really good tutorial on youtube how to make a pi router:

I ordered the wifi adapter he sugests. If this doesnt work ima probably just buy an alfa router and be done with it.