Best UPS for TP-Link Archer C7

I am looking for a small UPS to use with my TP-Link Archer C7 v2, which runs OpenWrt 19.07 and LuCI. I want to protect the router itself and also be able to powercycle my Raspberry Pi in case it fails. Any suggestions?

Just curious: Do you use any external USB file system on your archer c7 ? Or why do you need to protect it ? I stop my archer c6 access points every evening by cutting power. And I did that for 6 years with Asus rt 12n access points without any problem.

With my raspberrypi I used to have problems with the sd-card file systems from power interruptions , but no more since at least 3 years with the last os system updates. I even had a damaged power supply for the raspberrypi in September that basically caused frequent power-offs and the raspbian filesystem even survived that.

I have my Archer connected to my Pi and want to protect them both from power outages. However I also want to be able to power cycle my pi remotely through openwrt.