Best TP-Link devices on a 50-100$ budget?

Its the only brand available here locally, I wish to buy the router as a gift before I travel.

What are your requirements?

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used or new ?

I'd get an Archer C2600 or Netgear r7800.

  • How fast is your internet connection? 100mps but might upgrade in the future

  • Do you need Wi-Fi? both 2.4GHz and 5GHz

  • Do you need Gigabit Ethernet? Would be nice to be able to have more than 100mbps via cable

  • Do you need USB ports? How many? USB 2.0 or 3.0? None needed

  • How many family members/devices must the router support? 3 family members, each with 3 devices.

  • What other services do you want? VPN

  • Price range 50-100$

Neither are available, sadly.

Availability obviously varies based on where "here locally" is ....

True. My apologies. I'm currently in Paraguay.

At that price and level of performance consider something with a MT7621 chip, which would be the C6 / A6 v3, or the C6U v1 (likely only sold in EU). The MT7621 probably can't VPN quite to the full 100 Mb, but these models would meet the other requirements.

@frollic suggesting the C2600 is good but I think it's going to cost more than $100 unless you can find a used one. That is a lot more router than the C6 would be.

Just to confirm.
Would this be the router?
Comprar Online Router TP-Link Archer C6 AC1200 Dual Band MU-MIMO Delivery a todo el Paraguay (

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