Best supported router for usb phone tethering

I full time RV and am needing a better WiFi solution. I have looked for many months on what to do, called all the carriers and no one can really give a decent answer. So I’m looking at getting a WiFi router with openwrt to support tethering an android or iPhone to be able to use the WiFi from the phone through the router to serve my camper as we travel as this seems to be the only real option for those on the road.

I’ve toyed with getting a links wrt1900acs (or similar) or a Netgear nighthawk that would support using a usb tethered to a phone, I’ve heard that some Berger’s won’t support usb tethering and I’ve heard others having success with Netgear. I’m new to this openwrt stuff and very undecided as to what direction I need to go to make this work successfully, so I’m really needing some guidance as to what is the best direction to go.

Thanks in advance!!

I'm running OpenWRT 19.07.3 on a Netgear R7800 and the iPhone USB tethering works great.


That great to hear! Would it work with an android phone as well?

Yes, it should work with Android. Here are the instructions I followed --

Would it work for iPhone 6s ?
Is there any cheaper routers available than NetGear ?
Could we running it on CISCO devises ?

Why is the hotspot on your phones not enough?

I want to share mobile internet to my personal NAS. It has only wired connection. There is no wifi facility, that's why.

I was asking the OP, it just looks like I replied to you because I'm under you.

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There are plenty of cheap options. e.g. I'm using a Raspberry pi zero w right now.

Less than $15.00 and it will cover an RV but not a house.

But if you want to attach a nas to it, it would choke.

I'll bet the zero 2 could do it. $15.00

here is the list of supported devices:

And lookie here!!

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Thank you so much for the info...

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I have "Netgear Nighthawk d7000 ac1900". Could I install OpenWRT on it and if could how it is please ?

The D7000 (D is for internal DSL modem) is not a supported model. Internally it is quite different from the R7000.