Best strategy for tri-band + dual-band extender/mesh (wifi backhaul)

My primary router is a tri-band Linksys EA8300. I also have a dual-band Archer C7 that I would like to use as a wireless extender for my home office. I would like to connect the C7 to one of the EA8300's 5ghz radios as a dedicated "backhaul" and connect a bunch of wired offices devices to it. This would leave the additional 5ghz radio from the EA8300 as the primary wifi for my other wireless devices around the home.

What is the best implementation to use in this scenario? 802.11s, WDS, client mode, or something else? I have existing VLANs that contain devices from both of the "home" and "office" environments, if that makes a difference.

(your satellite only being a dual-radio device doesn't fundamentally change the situation)


Client or wds client should be the one as you dont need wifi access on the C7 (2.4g radio can provide AP if needed) the only question is whether port forwarding is able to work in the client mode

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