Best Setup/Settings To Enable

Hi Guys,

Lockdown has got me trying new things to improve my current home network setup.

My Current Setup:

Sky Hub - SR203
Sky (SkyQ2TB) Satellite Receiver
x2 Sky Minis

The Sky kit works on a mesh network as you may well know but I have split my 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies.

My Sky boxes as well as a couple of TV's, PS4's and some computers are connected via ethernet using a 16 port unmanaged switch.

My family consists of 5 people so the number of wireless devices is quite high. I have a total of 41 connections 10 being via ethernet.

20 or so wireless devices are Alexa devices/wifi switches/smart devices :grimacing:

These eat up bandwidth and has been slowing my day to day use up when doing work or communicating over the internet. :confounded:

So I have configured a Cisco MR18 with openwrt and connected it to my switch via ethernet to take some of the strain off my Sky network and connected the 20 or so wireless devices to it.

Its all seems to be work ok, and I thank you all for providing such a great framework for me to work with.

I understand that i've probably only just moved a large chunk of bandwidth else where but I might see some sort of improvement by doing what i've done.

Now i'll get to my question (Thanks for staying with me to this point :smiley: )

What would be the best settings to enable on MR18 running OpenWrt whilst also maintaining security? Also how do I take a copy of what she's doing at the moment to show you so you could pick it apart and see where she could be improved.

Thanks for listening and any help is greatly appreciated. :+1:t2:


The default settings should be fine or of the box, provided you choose for encryption for your WiFi key (and a strong key of course).

You should keep the firmware up to date, particularly when the is security update.