Best router to get to install OpenWrt

If cost was an issue what is the best router to get?
Looking for the Highest speed connections, highest performant CPU and most storage/flash space.

The sky is the limit, with x86_64 you can go as high as you want, quite literally.

But that isn't a useful response, just the only one that can be given without much more specifics of your needs and budgetary constraints. However, at the upper end of the performance spectrum, x86_64 is indeed a viable contender and among the easiest options (and it doesn't necessarily need to break the bank or incur high operational costs either).

OK,,, so maybe I should have put a 'little' more detail to the question.
Literally, I want the device to be as small as possible!
But! have the ultimate WiFi strength/coverage to go with the compute performance.
SDHC for storage would be best to keep size small and capacity high...

You are expecting ticking too many boxes at once, instead of specifying what you really need or want.

If you want top routing performance, wireless support is usually not available (or abysmal).
'Ultimate' wireless performance is directly at odds with requiring a tiny form factor, 12-16 antennas want to go somewhere - and the radios will produce quite some heat, which needs to get out.
sdhc or other forms of removable/ replaceable (boot-)media is pretty much exclusively found on x86_64 or SBC like platforms (ARMv8), which in turn usually implies a limited amount of ethernet ports and severely limited wireless features (insufficient).
…and all of the above in its extremes is at odds with a small budget.

Please go back to the drawing board and specify what you actually want to buy, what your real requirements are. There are quite massive differences between what goes for a 100 MBit/s VDSL line and covering a small apartment or something to terminate your 100 GBit/s WAN connection and campus wireless network - and yes, OpenWrt can do either. There's really no point continuing this discussion without that, look at previous discussions about this topic to get some ideas and define the cornerstones of your requirements.

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