Best router OpenWrt under 100$

Yeah, I also thought that despite the advertised WiFi speed, the routed speed of the EA6350 will outweight that.

I have both Zyxel NBG6617 and Linksys EA6350v3, I have problems with both randomly freezing here and there and requirng a power/cycle. It happens every few days or so. I have no idea what the issue is or how to debug it. They are running 19.07-SNAPSHOT, r10627-8385d121d0, I will upgrade to something newer soon.

Upgrade to stable with a clean install. I had random freezes with the snapshot as well.

The WRT32X is on amazon renewed for $100, that's how I bought mine, it's been excellent over the past year.

Thanks for sharing about you also having experienced freezes. I have upgraded to latest stable now and am testing...

Unfortunately I have to report I am still getting random freezes on Zyxel NBG6617 on 19.07.2 so I do not recommend it

fwiw, do you use IPv6 because there is a known problem with ethernet controller failing under load on IPQ401x devices?

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I do in fact use IPV6, I will try disabling it, thank you very much for the advice as I was not aware of this bug. Sorry for derailing the original topic.

I would like to report that so far I have had zero freezes after disabling IPV6 on Zyxel NBG6617 on 19.07.2, thanks for the tip!

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A little late here, but it should be mentioned that back when it came out, the Small Net Builder site did testing on MU-MMIO, and found it mostly not working on early hardware, despite the advertizing on the boxes, and it rarely making a practical difference, performance wise. He's kind of having a deja vu effect with the latest wave of routers, but that's another story.

C7's tested well back in the day, in radio performance in real life environment tests over distance. The antenna/radio combo did well, so that makes them decent AP choices. It's still worth putting OpenWrt on them, for the cutting edge AQL code improvements make-wifi-fast on the ath9k radio, and since about the beginning of April, the ath10k (5ghz) radio as well.

Personally, I've had better luck than most, and better than I've had before, running the April 3d snapshot that includes the ath10k AQL. Running 40mhz bandwidth on 5ghz may be helping, as well.

I bought the C7 and put OpenWrt 19.07.3, r11063-85e04e9f46 on it , but I am quite disapointed.
Via ac (5GHz) I get 3MB/s read and 10 MB/s write on samba share. Especially the read spead is quite bad.
Would the AQL code improvements make it better?

If the C7 is doing the samba sharing, you might already have your poor router overtaxed...

No, it's not. I am connecting to my windows i5 desktop from my laptop. Mounted smb share as network drive. Crystaldiskmark gives gives me 75MB/s both ways when connected via cable.

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Hmmm... if your low speed on Samba is caused by wifi congestion issues, then it might. Are you experiencing low speed in other testing?

I tried file transfer on my phone connected to 5GHz just 20cm away from the router. Transfer from my dedicated samba machine - ~4-5MB/s.
There are no other 5GHz networks around me. 2.4 GHz gives me actually better results on further distance.
I should have tested this on stock firmware.

Yes, you want to not get too close. It is possible to overload the recievers with too much signal strength, then the data gets corrupted just like with too weak of a signal. Experiment.

What kinds of data rate are you getting on one of the speedtests, or on a non Samba file transfer?

Hi, I’m new to openWRT. I currently have a spectrum router. My advertised download speed is 400 mbps, I’ve tested it myself up to 470 mbps. I want to spend less than $100 on a dual band router, and would like to explore the capabilities of openWRT for improving network security and performance.

From my browsing I’ve read the r7800 is quite popular here, which can be found used on marketplace for under $100. The posts I were reading were from 2017 however. Is the r7800 still a good choice, and why? And are there other routers that are recommended at this price point? Are there any WiFi 6 routers at this price?

Other info: just me on the network right now, I do light gaming, and stream a bunch(netflix, hulu), and web browsing. Devices: smartphones, smart TV, laptop, PC

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The 7800 is the best general OpenWrt device in 2021 at any price point. If you only need routing without WiFi there are others to consider too, but overall it's still the 7800 (and the similar devices from other brands).

There are no WiFi 6 or 6e devices with official support yet. Some are close and are very promising, but even once they have official support it will be months or years until the devices are really mature and problem free.

Hi I need a recommendation

It is for an 80m flat, internet at 600/600 I would use it for work, netflix, vpn, guest network. Medium size router, price Under € 100


not very realistic unless you'll be buying used equipment.

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