Best router for use with USB drive

Hi all,

I'm looking for a router that will work fine with 2.4g and 5g along with a USB SSD Drive.

I currently have a Netgear R6220 and been having problems with 5G dropping out from time to time and thinking of getting something a little more beefy.

I'm open to suggestions for purchase in the US.


Do you have a budget? Does it need to support WIFI 6?

A Netgear XR500 is a solid pick, but only supports WIFI 5. ASUS RT-AX56U is good too and supports WIFI 6.

That isn't really enough information to go by, expected WAN speed, wanted features and rough budget are at least required parts of the puzzle, as well as what you understand under "5G dropping out" (range not sufficient? issues with specific devices?) and "a little more beefy".

Apart from that, and just in general, a good router does not make a good NAS - both scenarios need different strength of the hardware, finding a good combination that serves both equally well is difficult (and from a security point of view not sensible!). Btw., many of the better -modern- routers don't even have USB ports to begin with.

Unless budget is a primary concern or unless there are good offers on used gear, it does make sense to skip over 802.11ac in favour of 802.11ax at this point.

To answer netcog, no. I don't believe I need WIGI 6. The only devices connected via wifi are the cellphone and IOT devices. All my computers are hard wired so don't generally need extra fast wifi. A lot of the IOT devices are 2.4g only but I prefer the cell phones to connected at 5g so they have reasonable speed.

To answer slh, I never said I was using it as a NAS and that's not what the SSD is for. It's for local storage that I don't want to keep writing to the internal memory, extra logging and the like. A rough budget would be $0 to maybe about $300. For WAN, it needs to support over 500mb/s so probably 1gb would be fine. I don't intend getting higher than that any time in the future.

I'm fine with used gear, especially since throwing openwrt on it is likely to void the warranty anyway. I'd also perfer a device you don't have to open up and mess around with to get a serial connection to do an openwrt install. I guess I should have mentioned that.