Best readily-available M.2 card supporting AP+STA?

I have been looking to build a higher-end travel router around a Raspberry Pi 4, but after six months of trying to buy one at something close to list, I've decided to throw in the towel.

My current plan is to use an x86 mini PC temporarily; it's not that much bigger and I can repurpose it when Pis become more available. However, most of them come preconfigured with fairly useless Intel wireless chipsets.

I've found one with a replaceable m.2 wireless module that I can presumably replace with something better supported by OpenWRT. However, I need to get this device up and running fairly quickly, which rules out ordering a card from AsiaRT or AliExpress.

For the moment, I don't necessarily need AX — I could settle for AC. Are there reliable cards supporting AP+STA that I could buy used off eBay or new elsewhere?

As an example — This card, as an example, seems to be a 2x2 QCA6174A card that should in theory work with ath10k drivers, but I feel like I'm probably missing a detail.

They have always shipped to me by UPS, and it arrives quite quickly. To Canada in about a week.

It seems like there's an OpenWRT package for Intel AX210 M.2 wifi card iwlwifi-firmware-ax210 in 22.03; I don't have a spare computer to test it to see whether it would work in AP+STA mode in OpenWRT.

Intel and AP is a no go, unless you enjoy low speed data transfers.

@VA1DER oh, that's good to know. And they seem to have restocked a few cards since the last time I looked at the site. I think their MT7915 card is too long for my use case, and the Atheros cards are still OOS, but they have some MT7612U cards that could be promising.

In the meantime I grabbed a used Dell MT7921 for $15 on eBay (can't hurt to try it, at that price), and was thinking of the ALFA AWUS036ACM as an option of last resort (using that for AP and the Intel card for STA); there seem to be a decent number of positive reports for that adapter.

Ya, their 52mm card is a bit of an odd size.

Not sure about access point mode for that beast. I've seen some kernel commits that seem to address the issue, but also seen threads (here and elsewhere) speaking of there being issues. The 7921 is intended as a consumer card, where the 7915/16 are intended for the developer (router) market.

Still, fun to play with.