Best Practices for management of managed switches and OpenWRT

I have recently redone the network configuration at home with going with an amd apu device for my router which has OpenWRT 22.03.2 installed on it, a managed switch, and an access point. Everything is working great and i have set up the network and utilized the features in OpenWRT that I want to.

I do have a question on the best practices around the management console for the managed switch. I can only access it on vlan 1, which is the default vlan that it comes with and i cannot change which vlan the management software runs on. My network is defined as vlan 5-9 in OpenWRT. Is it the best practice to dedicate a port on the switch and untag that and set the pvid to 1 or to set up a management vlan set to 1 and use that for accessing the switch management software? If so, should that be a vlan defined in OpenWRT locally or not locally?

Thanks in advance!

Just add/create VLAN1 to the trunk going to your switch and number the network range accordingly (i.e. so that it works with the switch). Your firewall and network settings on OpenWrt will do the rest. I'm not sure why you'd needlessly configure/utilize another port as mentioned in your post.


sorry to be negative (may sound rough) but best practice is to get rid of this switch

i saw many home/smart/web/cheap switch which could not get rid of vlan1, so it was always present (pvid 1) on ports (but the web gui does not shown this) so some frames from vlan1 always leaked to ports which was on other vlan/pvid