Best practice for removing/replacing configs

I recently removed dnsmasq and installed dnsmasq-full and the config /etc/config/dhcp was replaced with /etc/config/dhcp-opkg, I've noticed that a few other times (original config being replaced with /original/config/*-opkg due to differences between new config and original) and just wondering what should be done in those cases, meaning should the original config be removed after uninstalling the package so the original config name would be kept or should the new -opkg config be renamed or left as is?


I have wondered the same thing, last time when we had the dnsmasq problem.

Well it is no real use to compare the files. I just need to look at them to se they are different and OPKG has already told me that.

Both the new and old works...
When I updated dnsmasq I took the safe bet and used the old config for dnsmasq just because all other of my own configs down in the bottom were also missing in the new one. But that was not the problem! The problem that OPKG complained about was all the new lines at the top in the file.

Now in the 19.07.7 I see the official config for dnsmasq is the β€œnew” file that got the opkg extension when manually updating dnsmasq.