Best outdoor AP for mesh network

Hi there
I get project to build mesh network for public wifi
I decide to use 802.1x with mschap with custom freeradius server and billing system and mesh network between APs (3-4 APs connect to main AP which have 60ghz link between it and our data center )

In APs

I use batman-adv with batctl (full version)
And wpad-openssl for eache 802.1s (managed by batman-adv) and wpa-enterprise (802.1x)
And zabbix-agent
And Uhttpd
In last 3 years i test many brands with many models for this purpose

Nanostation m5
Mikrotik RB912
Tplink c7 (with water prof box) *very bad idea
Each one have their issues

Last AP i work with it mikrotik RB921 triple which is very nice hardware but i cant make it work with openwrt

We use 5ghz band for end users
Total clients should 5000+ clients
Total traffic 5g

So my question is what is best outdoor APs can i use it with openwrt ?

The first thing that jumps out at me is that 1000 (concurrent) users on a single AP is unlikely to work. 100 is more realistic.

Ideally your backhaul network would be in completely separate spectrum than the APs(*). This means two radios at each site. They don't necessarily have to be in the same box. If low and high 5 GHz (sub bands I and III) are allowed in your country you could use those, and likely a box exists with dual split radios. I know there are some desktop routers with that. Another possibility is an omni AP and a directional CPE like device for the backhaul. If the geography and the budget allows, using 60 GHz for backhaul could reach very high performance.

  • A major limitation of a simple mesh on single-radio devices is not only are the users and the backhaul sharing radio time, everything is on the same channel. You can't have the different APs on different channels to keep them from blocking each other.

This stuff is really impossible to test without a big crowd of people then you find out it doesn't work and it's too late. So I'd advocate the most conservative design rules possible.

Total clients should 5000+ clients

I mean by 5000+ user total clients of project not for each AP (each aps have between 5-20 clients ) in some hot points maybe 50 clients connect to one device

yes its allowed in my country [quote="mk24, post:2, topic:87827"]

Its will be nice if give me more informations about conservative design rules and what is best way to make project come to life