Best OpenWrt router @ this moment

Hi to all.

I need a new router, my other old asus can not do the job any more.... [ very high cpu Every time ]

Lokking for "all" the hardware that is running on Open WRT... Great job guys:-)

Only wich one to choose:-)
Not a very great gamer, with wifi
Almost everthing has a cable, with good cables.

So i was looking to:
Linksys WRT3200ACM [ because this a "official" openwrt hardware? ]
TP-Link AC1900

Because they have a fair price.

Only perhaps i make a mistake

Please other idea's, options, advice

Please see and come back with answers to the questions listed there.


It's not, and its wireless support is very bad - don't consider to buy this if you intend to use its wireless (details are found in this forum numerous times).

The Archer c9 (all known revisions) is Broadcom (softmac) based and not supported (at least the wireless).


for the answers..
Only when i ask what should you buy?? [ read there is a differnets between the lynsys 1900 and 2300 ? ]
I see so very much types..
My wishes
New hardware version
latest firm support
good wifi [ mu mimo ]

Not to much money

Where are you at?

In US it would probably have been Rt3200, in Asia it might be something completely different.

last I checked Amazon for AU (pita company to deal with if you ever have to - recommend not using them or ebay)... it offered one from Singapore... so yeah... not so much in Asia for these...

Not in stock in Holland or Germany [ Europe ]

I read there is no mesh wifi?
And a snapshot Openwrt version ?

You can use pretty much any router with two radios as 'mesh'.

Rt3200 fw is in beta, and yes, it's hard to buy in EC.

Still happy with
Fair price and actual 5% coupon.
Runs rock solid with RC3 at the moment.


@Wallbanger Thanks
Not a to cheap router vs other expencive ones?

From factory with open wrt?
Or do i need to flash this?

Only not in the list:

There is a very tiny OpenWRT-based firmware running from stock. Cudy has a complete OpenWRT-Version on their homepage, but of cause, you can flash all by yourself.

Its a fine router, which fulfills my needs, but you can compare specs to others and decide.


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I can confirm what @Wallbanger says
Cudy wr1300 is working fine with the last rc3 or latest snapshot.

First mandatory flash with the OpenWRT version proposed by Cudy is a bit annoying (no wan, no lan if I remember well), but after that it is easy to have OpenWRT working on it (you can then install actual RC3 as it includes Lucy GUI, much easier for starters than starting with a snapshot)

You can download this openwrt package on the Cudy's website including all that is needed to unbrick your rooter (very easy, great job Cudy even if your "dev" firmware is unusable !)

In term of wifi speed it appears to be average (300~500Mbps) with a decent 2x2 Wi-fi card in the client on recent OpenWRT builds.

In order to compare, the Archer C80 AC1900 ( MediaTek TP1900 soc 2x 1.2Ghz ... that will never be supported on OpenWRT [4/64MB]) is really faster, with ~700Mbps

OpenWRT support for the wr1300 should last for a long time because its cpu+wifi combo (MT7621A + MT7612E) is very common and seems to don't have a lot of problems actually (eg. no problem with vlans) and has support for HW offloading (seems broken in the actual snapshots but worked fine in 19.07 and will probably work again soon)
and CPU+WLAN driver will still evolve in the futur

It also has an USB 3.0 port, I didn't use it for storage so I can't share any number, but at least it is very usefull acting as an USB power supply for small things near the router (I use it to power a Zigbee IoT gateway, no pb), less mess in the cables

As a low cost AP it is great choice at this price point
As a router its MT7621A cpu is not fast enough if your WAN speed is more than ~200Mbps AND you want to use QOS (SQM) or any CPU related things (like VPN)
without QOS you can expect to be good for a ~500Mbps line speed or even a bit more when hw offloading will work again

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It seems that the 5 gigabit port Cudy WR1300 is the same hardware as the 3 gigabit port Xiaomi MI Router 4A Gigabit.
The Xiaomi costs 22€ (aprox. half the cost of the Cudy):
I have four Xiaomi's working without any problems whatsoever.

I have a similar issue.
However, all the models that Openwrt supports are not available any more (outdated for years).

I can either purchase a router with excellent performance but known security issues or try to find a second-hand (third-hand) router somewhere in less reliable channels.

I would like to see Openwrt on the currently available models (regardless whether it is Netgear, TP-Link, Linksys or any other available device).

As already mentioned, Belkin Rt3200 / Linksys E8450

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Thank you for your reply. None of your suggestions are available or up-to-date hardware.

I'd say an AX3200 device is pretty up to date, and available.

You can't get much closer to cutting edge, from an openwrt point of view.


I did the xiaomi...
So thanks guys for all the info!!!

Xiaomi MI Router 4A Gigabit hardware is fairly current and it is now supported by OpenWRT.

Search for router-4a-gigabit at:

What is the max wifi speed downloading from internet?