Best M.2 1216 WiFi card (soldered)


I'm looking at swapping the WiFi card on my steam deck to something better, it looks to be a normal M2 1216 LGA card. Online I have seen them swapped for intel AX210 parts.

But is anything better available in that form factor ?

Thanks in advance.

What exactly has this to do with OpenWrt? I couldn't find any references to the Steam Deck being supported by OpenWrt.

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The Steam Deck is not supported by OpenWrt.
@Apache14 - are you running an OpenWrt based device for which you are trying to install an M2 wifi card, or is this question about the steamdeck?

Steam deck is x86 (Ryzen based) so can run openwrt, it was more something to experiment with.

Currently the the deck uses an RTL8822CE solution so does not support AX

I was looking at swapping it out for something that supported AX again just for experimentation.

Have you actually tried installing/running OpenWrt on the device? If it is built as a generic x86 type system, you're right it would likely work. But if it is non-standard, it may not work as expected.

I can't provide suggestions here, but keep in mind that many of the AX cards run warm... potentially much more so than the AC card that is in there now. Therefore, thermals could become an issue.

Thanks will keep in mind thermals.

In terms of customisation, the device has been fully supported in mainline for a while (valve upstream everything very quickly). It's default OS is arch based as well.

Mainline support does not mean it is actually supported or functional in OpenWrt. Have you actually tried OpenWrt on that device? And, likely related question: if it doesn't work (or doesn't work properly), are you able and willing to help with the development efforts to add support for the SteamDeck to OpenWrt?